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Joshua Smith

Creativity Coaching

Unleash Your Creativity and Find Inner Peace




My focus is The Art of Creativity and the Spiritual connection. If you’re a creative and spiritually minded person, or want to be, and need help breaking through, I can help.

Creativity Coaching

Joshua Smith Art
Joshua Smith Art and Creativity

Experience Life with a Deeper Sense of Purpose

I am a professional artist.

I’ve walked the path of a creative person and learned valuable lessons and helpful tactics in art and the spiritual life. I can help provide you with the tools to open the door to your higher self.

Spiritual Development

My methods are non traditional and tailored to obtain the best results for you. 

Art and Spirit go hand in hand

along the path of a fulfilled life. 

contact me by email here for questions or a consultation

"If your'e looking for a life coach who truly cares about your personal growth and wants to help you live your best life, I highly recommend working with Joshua. He is highly knowledgeable in the understanding and teachings of art and creativity to help guide you on your journey."

- Grace, N. 

"Josh meets me exactly where I am without judgement. He helps me see what blocks me from doing my best work (like my ego). I've learned that the obstacle is the way and that by learning to love myself more deeply I am infinitely better in every other relationship. I could write paragraphs about all of the life changing value I've gotten here. I highly recommend his coaching."

-Peter D.

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